W3make.it is at your service to study in deep topics about technological knowledge applied to creativity, with the purpose of conveying a sense of initiative and spreading the passion of “making”.

We design tailor-made training courses for businesses, professionals and individuals, we organize meetings and events on software, digital fabrication, electronics and making techniques.

Inside our training courses classroom you can work with different design and 3D modeling softwares, in order to implement in practice your idea or your project.


The Classroom

We have a modern classroom equipped with a SmartMedia board with a 70″ touch screen and 14 powerful workstation, equipped with Wacom graphics tablet.

non solo teoria_formazione

From theory to practice

The theoretical lessons continue in the lab, where students are guided in the use of machinery, tools and materials for self-production and prototyping.



At W3Make.it we can devise technical and practical training courses that fit your needs, your interests and your level of expertise.