About Us

consorzio_chi siamo

W3Make.it is a digital fabrication laboratory, run by a consortium of Italian companies operating different sectors: technology, communications, industry, agriculture, tourism, exports, training.

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W3Make.it is also a non-profit organization dedicated to the spreading of the Digital Making and sharing culture and the promoting of International partnerships with other Fab Labs.

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W3Make.it is open to all those interested in expanding and sharing their knowledge and expertise on digital fabrication and express their creativity.

Marco Guardigli

Marco Guardigli


Maker enthusiast, engineer, professional in the ICT sector.

Filippo Gentili

Filippo Gentili


Raffaella Mercati

Raffaella Mercati


Organization Manager


To become pioneers of the transformation of the production sector into 4.0 manufacturing, enhancing the uniqueness of Italian craftsmanship and contributing to the evolution of hand-made products into digital artifacts.


We want to promote innovative production methods that integrate design and digital prototyping technologies, thus decoupling design from physical manufactoring.

We want to create an international marketplace for the distribution and evolutionary maintenance of “digital artifacts” that communicate via IoT, for producers, artisans, traders and enthusiasts.

We work to preserve the local craftsmanship cultural heritage, by documenting products and manufacturing techniques.

Our Values

rip_nostri valori

Rip, Mod, Fab

Rip, Edit, Create: in the culture of “remix” in which we live, it is no longer essential to be original and invent something from scratch. Creativity also lies in the ability to reinterpret and improve what has already been invented.

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We want to operate in the spirit of open source sharing and we wish to develop synergies of collaboration with other international Fab Labs, also by crowdsourcing.

Sostenibilita_nostri valori


We choose to operate safely and by respecting the environment, promoting repair rather than replacement and creating expertise on sustainable manufacturing techniques.

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Do It Yourself

If you can build an object with your hands, why buy it? This life philosophy has guided us in the construction of the laboratory, where even the worktables are handmade from raw wood.

We want to

Discover new ways to learn.

Discover new ways to invent.

Develop the personality of things.

Make, make mistakes and then do better.

Create new things knowing and respecting our heritage.

Repair and not to waste.

Collaborate, document, transmit.

Develop international markets.

Document traditional craftsmanship methods and procedures, avoiding their oblivion.

Transform traditional products into digital models reproducible anywhere.

Promote generative art: the machine creativity at the service of human fantasy.

Create multimedia documentaries to preserve the skills of the past.